For my first album, “A Guitar on Christmas Day,” I took a variety of traditional holiday songs and rearranged them in somewhat different and unique styles.  The Austrian and German medleys were inspired by the years I lived in both countries, where the celebration of Christmas was always very special.

On the follow-up album, "Another Guitar on Christmas Day,"  I used traditional, classic, and international Christmas favorites, and tried to rearrange them creatively with a light jazz influence.

I also released a digital single based on, "March of the Toys," written by Victor Herbert for his operetta and movie, "Babes in Toyland."  I have always been a huge fan and admirer of the great Django Reinhardt, and thus the musical genre he created, Gypsy Jazz or Swing.  Django was a member of the Manouche clan and, over time, his style of music became known in France as Jazz Manouche.  So I took this great song and began it with a snare drum and guitar in the traditional fashion.  However, the tempo then quickly changes to a Manouche style, with its driving rhythm and staccato lead guitar.  The only other addition is the typical stand-up bass often heard in this music, hence the revised name, "March of the Manouche Toys."  It was a great deal of fun to record as was designing the album art.  As a model, I used a Nutcracker doll I purchased in Germany when I lived there, then changed the long hair and beard to groomed sideburns and pencil mustache reminiscent of the Gypsy Jazz players in the 1930's and through the years.  This single has done surprisingly well in a very short period of time and I fully expect it will lead to my next full album being a tribute to this fabulous music!  

 Streaming is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon.  There are also two FREE downloads available at CD Baby  To anyone listening to these albums and single on streaming, I hope you enjoy them.  To those who have already downloaded or purchased them, my sincerest thanks.


This single could only be dedicated to the legendary Django Reinhardt.  In addition to CD Baby it is available for download at these links on Amazon and iTunes.

This album is dedicated to my late uncle, Michael Ksenic, who painstakingly took the time way back in March 1960 to teach a seven-year old how to play guitar, accordion, and harmonica.  He also provided me my first two guitars.  Without his guidance, patience, and generosity, I would never have begun this guitar journey of mine.  



For his early and ongoing influence and inspiration to me, this album is respectfully dedicated to Chet Atkins.

All Songs on both albums are in the Public Domain, and Arranged and Performed by Robert Allena

Additional Percussion on both albums played by Debra Allena