Here are my favorite guitarists, albums, groups, composers, and other artists.

The first is a list of my top ten favorite guitarists.  Some are from my early youth, some inspired me as I played over the years, and some I have come to know fairly recently.  This is, again, a personal list.  It is not designed to engender dissent or argument as to the greatest guitarists of all time (although I certainly have opinions of these as well and will perhaps initiate such a dialogue on this site in the future).  For now, it merely offers a glimpse of those I personally consider the most important, influential and inspirational to me.  So then, in alphabetical order by first name:

Al Di Meola

Biréli Lagrène

Chet Atkins

Django Reinhardt

Doyle Dykes

Gerardo Núñez

Jimmy Page

Les Paul

Liona Boyd

Paco de Lucía 

And now some guitarists who are not on my personal top ten, but who I greatly admire and enjoy:

Biel Ballister

Carlos Santana

Charlie Byrd

David Hidalgo

Eric Clapton

James Burton

Joe Pass

Johnny A

Laurindo Almeida

Los Indios Tabajares

Manuel Barrueco

Ritchie Blackmore

Robert Cray

Steve Cropper

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Tommy Emmanuel

Wes Montgomery

Some of my favorite guitar albums (ten for now and in no particular order):

Santana (Santana)

Abraxas (Santana)

Elegant Gypsy (Al Di Meola)

Casino (Al Di Meola)

Boston (Boston)

Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)

Machine Head (Deep Purple) (Is there any guitarist who has never played the intro to, "Smoke on the Water?")

Andando el Tiempo (Gerardo Núñez) (Especially the song, "La Habana a Oscuras")

Chet Atkins in Hollywood (Chet Atkins)

Bireli Swing '81 (Biréli Lagrène)

A Hard Day's Night (The Beatles)

Rock Groups (Alphabetically.  Can't limit this one and it will grow as I consider more):

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Bad Company

Booker T. & The M.G.'s (Technically R&B but I still want to list them)


Credence Clearwater Revival

Deep Purple


Led Zeppelin

Los Lobos

Marshall Crenshaw (not technically a "group", but one of my very favorites)



The Beatles

The Rolling Stones


Composers (non Classical):

Astor Piazzolla

Ennio Morricone

Henry Mancini

John Barry

Jon Lord (check out his concert work apart from Deep Purple)

Richard Rodgers